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05.04.2015 The Department of Astronomy offers a unique Graduate program in popularization of Astronomy open to anyone interested in science, regardless of his previous education

Since the autumn of 2016 at the Faculty of Physics each bachelor with diploma in any subject may choose to apply for the new master program "Astronomy and popularization of Astronomy." The education lasts four semesters and is in a paid part-time form.

In the academic year 2016/2017, the Department of Astronomy will accept applications for the new Master program, which has no direct analogue in the world. "Astronomy and promotion of Astronomy" is siutable for anyone interested in astronomy and science communication. For this new graduate program can apply Bachelors in any subject. The education is part-time, paid, and contains various courses in 4 semesters. The initiation of the new program is driven by the strong interest of amateur astronomers, people with diverse professions and strong interest in astronomy, and also in science communication. The quality of the education in the new program is guaranteed by the experience of the prominent specialists in the field of astronomy and astrophysics, as well as in the field of the efficient promotion of the scientific results to various groups in society.

Information about the content of the program can be found here -

Along with the start of the new Master program, major changes are made in the undergraduate astrophysical courses of the join Bachelor program "Astrophysics, Meteorology and Geophysics" and in the graduate program "Astronomy and Astrophysics", as the education is expanded in three semesters. The changes are evoked by the need to update and modernize the existing courses

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