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30.03.2015 The spring observing practice in Astronomy of the Department of Astronomy successfully took placein NAO Rozhen

Between 23 and 28 March 2016 at NAO Rozhen took place the intensive practical training of the students of the Department of Astronomy. Undergraduate and graduate students of the department were trained in conducting precise observations, processing and analysis of astronomical data. Participants in the practice were introduced in details with diverse observing technics available in our National Observatory and also participated actively in solving real astronomical problems. For the training purposes, there were used resources of the National Astronomical Observatory Rozhen, such as an observation base, hardware, software, etc. The practices of the Department of Astronomy are conducted in close collaboration with the Institute of Astronomy with NAO for many years. Traditionally, the most active and successful institution for promotion of astronomy in Bulgaria - Smolyan Planetarium - was visited. There, students had the opportunity to experience the highest level of the demonstration capabilities of the Planetarium.

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